Current turn around 10-14 days
Current turn around 10-14 days
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We do our best to make sure our sizing is as accurate as possible but if in doubt just ask. If you prefer the baggy look then by all means size it up! Below is a guide to the children sizes - for further sizing specifics please get in touch. 


0 - 3 months Height: 30cm Width 25cm

3 - 6 months Height: 32cm Width 25cm

6 - 12 months Height: 34cm Width 27cm

1 - 2 yrs Height: 37cm Width: 28cm

2 - 3 yrs Height: 40cm Width: 29cm

3 - 4 yrs Height: 43cm Width 34cm

4 - 5 yrs Height: 45cm Width 35cm

5 - 6 yrs Height: 47cm Width 36cm



6-12months Length 34cm, Chest 30cm, Arms 30cm

1-2yrs Length 36cm, Chest 33cm, Arms 32cm

2-3yrs Length 39cm, Chest 35cm, Arms 34cm

3-4yrs Length 42cm, Chest 37cm, Arms 37cm

4-5yrs Length 45cm, Chest 39cm, Arms 38cm

5-6yrs Length 47cm, Chest 42cm, Arms 39cm

7-8yrs Length 53cm, Chest 44cm, Arms 43cm

9-10yrs Length 59cm, Chest 45cm, Arms 47cm



6-12months - Length 65cm, Chest 30cm, Arms 28cm

12-18months - Length 68cm, Chest 32cm, Arms 31cm

18-24months - Length 74cm, Chest 33cm, Arms 35cm

2-3yrs - Length 80cm, Chest 34cm, Arms 38cm

3-4yrs - Height 104cm, Chest to fit - 22cm

5-6yrs - Height 116cm, Chest to fit - 24cm

7-8yrs - Height 128cm, Chest to fit - 26cm

9-10yrs - Height 140cm, Chest to fit - 28cm

11-12yrs - Height 152cm, Chest to fit - 30.5cm

13yrs - Height 164cm, Chest to fit - 33cm